• Five-star beachfront resort located on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah.
  •   The resort is part of an extensive luxury development with an imposing façade that is highly visible from the main access road on the trunk and the waterways.
  •   Beach frontage extends approximately 460 metres facing Southwest; offering significant sun exposure and views of the marina.
  •   Award winning design firm DSA Architects International was tasked with developing a landmark destination on the Palm Jumeirah that would match the prestige and the prominence of the archipelago. This was achieved through a contemporary design brushed with Arabic influences.
  •   Significant food & beverage, banqueting and leisure facilities are easily accessible to in-house guests; as well as outside visitors.
  •   The total development footprint is 26,000m2 with a BUA of 100,000 m2 across 10 floors of rooms and suites.

Hotel Beach View

Adult Pool

Type Rooms Average Size
Number % (m2)
King Rooms 213 56% 49
Queen Rooms 134 35% 54
King Suite Gold 17 4% 160
King Suite 6 2% 105
Queen Suite (Type 1) 5 1% 208
Queen Suite (Type 2) 4 1% 215
Presidential Suite 2 1% 321
Total 381 100%

Property Highlights

Guest Rooms

  •   The guest rooms at the hotel are spacious and well appointed with high quality, luxurious fixtures and fittings.
  •   Each hotel room has a private balcony overlooking either the sea and Dubai Marina or The Golden Mile
  •   Guest rooms are laid out primarily in a unique dual let format with a common entry door to two rooms; enabling guests with families to enjoy shared spaces.
  •   All guest rooms feature five-fixture bathrooms with bathtubs and separate walk-in shower units. Guest rooms are equipped with the latest entertainment and communication systems including high speed internet access and 40-inch interactive LED TVs.

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